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I’ve been moving my art studio which always throws things off for me.  I’ve been trying to continue to work AND move and get organized.  I can tell you this… its not working!

An interesting thing happened when I came across an old painting and the reference photo I used for this painting.  I painted this when I first starting working in oils about 2 years ago.  I painted a new painting using the same reference and then out them side by side…. mind you I wasn’t trying to ‘copy’ the photo or the other painting…. I was wanting to paint it with my own interpretation, again.

I am calling this ‘Riot of Color’ because thats what the scenery feels like around her at this time of year.  We are just now beyond the peak time.  This painting is available on my etsy site here:  or in my studio at 2nd April Art Gallery in the Canton Arts District.  November First Friday is just around the corner and all the artists are busy getting new work in and ready for Christmas.

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