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Promises of a Forever Home!

Promises of a Forever Home

The promise of a forever home is so heartwarming, reassuring and rewarding.  

Nearly every person who is in any way involved or interested in rescuing/rehoming a dog, cat or horse has heard those words as a ‘requirement’ or a promise.  Yes, I will give Belle a forever home!! Bingo!!  The magic words and you can be the proud owner of this animal- the seller/adopter can feel they did their part and the adopter, with noble and wonderful intentions, has the animal.  Done deal, right??

Well, no.  I mean, some times I am sure it is wonderful.  But the promise doesn’t mean as much to me as the a reassurance as knowing the person is:

1. able to care for said animal; physically, financially, emotionally. 2. the person is responsible 3. the person is able to be reasonable when/if their situation changes and they CAN NOT give an animal a forever home.

I personally would rather an animal go to someone who knows when to say- I can’t any longer- and finds a home BEFORE things get dire.

 My rescue’s before pic. 

 My rescue’s photo 2.5 weeks later.  

 My rescue’s photo 6 months later. 

 A ‘kill pen’ horse. 

 Another of my rescues. 

 And another rescue. 

And another. 

I am going to go now from talking about any animal to horses because horses require much more specific care, accommodations and abilities than dogs or cats.  And there are still groups on facebook, God bless them, rehoming ‘kill pen horses’ to whoever promises a forever home with no more investigation as to their actual ability to do so.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine because I have some personal experience with a few of those groups.  I distanced myself from them several years ago after I saw what they were doing (ripping people off and feeding into the kill pen industry) and fraud investigations began with a few of the ‘rescues’ I had come to know.  Often with these kill pen rescues, there is no accountability on any side and guess who is often the loser in that situation ? The horse.  Again.  The very people, good hearted, kind, well-meaning people, responding to emotional cries for help and urgent messages that the horses are bound for slaughter, throw money at the ‘rescue’ and ask for forever homes.  The urgent messages and cries for help boomerang back and forth all over facebook until a forever home is found.  Success! 

The feeling of reward due to saving horses are new, week after week.  This facebook effort is so very satisfying and is repeated every week!   I know!  I did it for a time.  But the reality is…the horses likely are not bound for slaughter.  Other horses you never see are…these horses are advertised as such to line people’s pockets and make selling ‘kill pen’ horses very profitable! 

And here is the gist of my main pet peeve –  unless the horses are placed in GOOD capable, secure homes…. they are NOT safe.  Unless they are properly cared for, which includes training and proper handling, the chances they stay in their forever home is slim.  It is more likely they will be passed around and eventually wind up as a real, slaughter bound horse. Or they linger in a field, losing condition, lacking regular trims, worming, floating and handling until the chances of finding a good home (a real good home) becomes so very slim.

Reputable rescues require vet and farrier recommendations.  Reputable rescues will not allow someone to home multiple horses without proper stabling, pasture, training or handling skills for the horse.  Reputable rescues will not home unbroken or young horses to someone who already has many of the same.  That is just asking for trouble.  Reputable rescues do not allow a hoarder or borderline hoarder to keep adopting horses.  These kill pen groups will keep funneling horses to whoever steps up and gives the ‘forever home’ promise.  To me, this promise is empty air unless backed up with accountability and proof they are a responsible adoptee with the means, time and ability to do right by the horse.

I would much rather a person who recognizes when they are no longer able to provide a home, say no to any more… or rehome their horse, dog or cat to someone who can, then give an empty promise of a forever home.

This letter is pretty accurate in my opinion of the truth about kill pen rescues. https://www.facebook.com/notes/liberty-valance/the-truth-about-kill-pens-are-you-really-saving-a-life/1767799979902551/

My suggestion is, if you really want to save horses, donate to a reputable rescue.  If you really want to give a home to a rescue horse, adopt thru a reputable rescue.  My advise is, if you see the cries for help and money for the ‘kill pen’ horses, do not share or contribute, but instead talk to a reputable rescue and ask how you can help them.

Stop by my website at https://www.horseartonline.com/custompetportraitart and click on the green box that says, ‘Support Your Rescue’, and see how we can partner to benefit a rescue of your choice!

Happy Trails,

Sue Steiner


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