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Rescue Update, Day 3 ‘Boomer has a Friend!’

Everyone is settling in after the big upheaval of having a new horse. I got the biggest kick out of Ricco. He is my yearling and other than weaning and gelding, this has been the biggest event in his short life! He was quite ‘spooked’ at the sight of a white horse in the barn and paddocks. I thought maybe we should rename Boomer ‘Casper’ since in Ricco’s eyes she must of looked like a ghost!

The horses are all being gradually introduced and they are working out the herd dynamics safely. I am especially pleased to see Boomer buddy up to my retired horse Flicka. Flicka has been on the verge of needing to be separated from the herd. She is arthritic and elderly and just not as mobile as she once was. I have a large enough pasture than there is more than enough room for all but I had been noticing that Flicka hung back and kept herself away from the others. I am sure she felt vulnerable but if I paddocked her to herself she would not walk as much and therefore get stiff and more sore. We were in a little bit of a catch 22 with her so I’d been keeping a close eye to monitor what arrangements were best.

Boomer is the kind of horse that is always on the bottom of the pecking order– thats partly why she is in the shape she is because she just can not compete being fed in a herd situation. What has happened now very nicely is Flicka has a buddy in Boomer. They are every happy to have a gentle pasture mate and I am thrilled I do not have to paddock Flicka by herself. Horses are MUCH happier with a buddy! They also look cute together as one is black and the other white.

As some of you may know I am I the process of moving my art studio. I got a larger space and it is in a wonderful location at Second April Art Gallerie. I decided yesterday I would name my art studio “White Horse Studio” in honor of the reminders from the last few days since bringing home my rescue horse. Some of the things I want to remember is the spirit that enables us (collectively as living, breathing beings) to rise above difficult situations and keep trying. Art has been that kind of outlet for me by allowing me to concentrate on what is beautiful and interesting in life- bringing me out of difficult situations. I think this spirit is also symbolic for the times in which we live. It has been a hard winter for many and the gloom fed to us thru the media and news reports are discouraging. Maybe we all are starved for what is good in the world? As we enter into spring-a new season and a new ‘space’ I am wanting to be reminded how things change and grow and develop in their time if I can hang on to the beauty and hope in the world.

Now switching gears completely…. I am wanting so bad to bathe Boomer but the temps dropped and I thought it would be better to wait. Warmer temps are coming so I will have some new pics soon. My daughter has been spending time in the barn with Boomer too. She was feeling sad about her condition but I told her all the good things I saw- the spring in Boomer’s step, the interest in her surroundings and her general good spirits. She is an arab and that ‘bred for the desert’ hardiness is definitely a big help to her right now. She is going to spring back very nicely I believe!

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

Custom Pet Portraits and Horse Paintings

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