• Sue Steiner

Self Portrait

I drew this yesterday on a whim.  I got my little mirror, a little light, my colored pencils and pastels and started drawing.  I don’t know how long I took to do this but was quite fascinated with being able to study the shadows of a face for as long as I’d like.  Drawing from life is SO different than drawing from a photo.  I really enjoyed it.  When I started out I did not have an agenda as far as what I wanted it to be like or even if I would stick with it very long.  I didn’t know if I would show anyone and half way expected not to like it.  The interesting thing is when I did share it on my facebook art page I got comments about ‘no smile’, you look sad…..  yeah- it is a little harsh and not really a ‘happy’ face but how can you hold a ‘happy’ pose for very long and NOT look stiff and forced?  Or why be bothered if its not happy?  There was no deep psychological message in this experiment – other than I wanted practise in portrait drawing.  But I do feel compelled to say we do not always need to put on our ‘happy’ face the public.  If anything I have learned this past year there is healing in being ‘real’.  Be you in all the ways that might look in your life and don’t feel you need to only be what people want to see.  By being real you open the door for others to be real back and you get connected in life in ways that support healing.

I had lots of fun (in spite of the sad face!) in exploring colors, shadows, and portrait drawing in this exercise yesterday.  I think I also see the strength of being authentic in a new way also.

I have been working as an equine specialist for a little while now- if that interests you or you just want to read how horses have played a part in my healing please visit :  http://horsesandhealing.blogspot.com/   I also welcome you to my artist page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FreeReinArtStudio

Take care!


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