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Sharpies and Fabric Fun! DIY

Sharpies and Fabric Fun!  DIY

I just got a used sewing machine and am chomping at the bit to use it to make some new projects… but wanted to practise a bit first since it has been aeons since I have sewed anything.  So… I got out some old fabric squares in which I had some kids do what was to be a prayer banner… but it didn’t go that far.  I know, I was disappointed too.  🙂   I did decide I would revive these fabric scribbled squares and use them for my next project if all goes well.

Since some of the fabric still had quite a bit of white on them, I decided to first do an alcohol and sharpie marker tie-dye kind of thing on them.  I’ll explain in case you haven’t done that before….

Part I

rubbing alcohol and sharpie marker tie-dye on fabric

1.  draw, write, scribble with any color sharpie markers on a light colored fabric.  

2.  spritz the fabric with rubbing alcohol 3. twist, and then tie the fabric and let sit – preferably for a while.  Mine sat for a few years but probably a couple hours works fine too.  🙂

You can see in the photo above that the rubbing alcohol makes the sharpie marker run and spread.  When you twist and tie the fabric it gives a tie-dyed effect.  The more marker the brighter and vivid the effect.

Part II

Terial Magic  – stay tuned! 

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