• Sue Steiner



The Stagnant, Listless, Sluggish Days of Summer

It is hot, humid, muggy and buggy!  Ugh!!  I was just getting into a great groove with the horses, clipping right along, pushing our boundaries and exploring new areas…. and then we get blanketed with this heavy, inert sky that makes it hard to breathe and every task feels like a monumental effort.  My horses agree.  They are listlessly dozing under the shade of the run in.  The dogs agree.  

The horseflies bite ME!  And the horses are miserable on trail rides.  Oh, I do love summer… but why, oh why does it have to be so HUMID???   And buggy???  Yes, I am whining. 

Hopefully, some drier air will be on its way soon.  

Stay cool.

Sue Steiner

Stay cool…

bye for now….

Sue Steiner

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