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Small But Significant

I wandered about my yard and pasture today, just looking.  I began by first picking up a white clover flower and really examining it.  I know, artists are a weird breed….I marveled at its intricate design and beauty.   These are weeds….wildflowers….native plants.  Each one extraordinary in design and orchestration with the seasons and ecosystem.   Something so easy to overlook, but a wonder all of its own.

I wonder how much I miss because I feel something or somebody is too small or significant to really get to know.  What people do I pass over in my rush, that I could offer a smile and a hello?

I’d like to give you a challenge today.  Show kindness and compassion to someone around you that you sense needs it.  Please, never underestimate the power of an act of kindness.  Yes, it may be small in your eyes (really doesn’t take much effort- maybe even less effort than finding fault or being mean), but it is not insignificant.

Even when the pedals are gone, this teeny buttercup seedpod is beautiful! 

A buttercup blossom, unfolding so precisely!

My horses thought it a bit odd that I was down in the grass with them but thought it fine if we just hung out together! 

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