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Smile for the Camera!

Am I the only one with camera shy pets?

I got a new camera and my horses think I have dropped out of the sky as an alien!  This new camera clicks and the horses don’t know what to make of it!  I barrelled on and ‘desensitized’ them to it by becoming a virtual horse stalker!

I have hundreds of photos of them now on my new camera after just 2 short photo sessions.

Here are some of my favorites:

 I love how long my gray mare’s tail looks!  Considering a couple years ago, our bottle fed baby calves chewed it off up to the end of her tail bone while I was out of town!  She wasn’t harmed, obviously because it was just hair, and that is what bottle calves do…. but it definitely affected her appearance.  Now her tail reaches the ground and is thick and luxurious! 

 My 24-year-old Arab mare, Abbey.

Playing with focus on the new camera. 

Porsche, always the first to come to me in the pasture! 

I had to use corn stalks to bride the others to get close to the ‘scary’ click sound! 

I just downloaded the photo editing program from Canon.  I can see there will be a big learning curve as I continue to fiddle and find my way around.

I am most excited about the new camera because it means I will have clear, large sized images to use for my own artwork.   Yah!!!

Since I got this gift while on a vacation to the Outer Banks, NC I also have some beach photos to share.

 Waves got considerably larger while we were there due to Hurricane Irma, hundreds of miles away.

Some of the houses were boarding up as a precaution since hurricanes paths are unpredictable!

Love the shadows and lines in this image. 

Sound side sunsets! 

Sound side mornings

The beaches were practically deserted! 

Sound side in the AM

I am considering painting another large ‘Horses in the Surf’ oil painting, using some of my new reference material.  Here is one I did a couple years ago.  I particularly liked painting the waves using a palette knife.  This is on two 30 x 30 canvases so it was quite large.

I did this watercolor of a wild horse on OXB I saw while vacationing. 

Both pieces of artwork are sold but stop by my Etsy shop or website to see more.

I am also available for you to commission me to create original artwork for you.   Tell me your ideas or send photos of your horse or pet.  I specialize in animals and pet portraits.  Sue’s contact info. 

Thank you!   Sue Steiner, artist 

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