• Sue Steiner

Snowed Over!

I can’t sleep tonight.  I’ve been listening to the news as they describe the ‘storm of the century’, ‘massive storm’ ‘devastating ice’ heading our way!  I got the horses tucked in, the kitchen is stocked (I’ve got teen agers!!) the water tank is filled and I have water jugs in the house for us.

I had hoped to have a full, uninterrupted day in my studio.  Maybe I will still have that kind of day but I am fairly certain the kids will be home and I am not real sure if the electrical lines will hold up to the ice.


I got a new rescue in about 2 1/2 weeks ago who I named Bliss.  She is a honey gold palomino yearling that was  a former severe neglect case.  I got her from a rescue.  She is surprisingly easy to work with but has some real issues with my farrier.   I have her and the other horses with a bunch of hay and some soft bedding ready to eat their way thru the storm!  🙂

I also am reminded as I wait for this storm to arrive that its been almost 1 year since we rescued our pup from a snow drift on the side of the road during a blizzard.

Take care!

#colorfuldogpainting #rescuedog #snowstorm



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