• Sue Steiner

So Much For Love

… they want grass!  My horses have forsaken me.  They act like they don’t know me.  A mere 1.5 months ago the sound of my footsteps as I walked out the door of my house was enough to cause whinnies of joy and hoofbeats racing to the barn.  Their ears were continually tuned in to listen for ME. (I am the one who feeds them).  Now I go to the barn and call and call for my babies and all I get are blank stares- if they lift their heads at all from the green grass.  They act like they don’t know me.  No nickers, happy whinnies… barely a flick of the ear. 

Its a tough time of year on the ol’ heart when you thought (Nov.- April at least) that your horses loved you.  Why the change of heart?  You know you can’t compete with grass.  That is just the way it is.  You don’t give up though.  Those happy whinnies must of meant something!  

I’ve been trying to win their hearts back by grooming… which is a close second to food to a horses heart.  As they shed out they are looking sleek and beautiful!  Come about July they will love me again because I can then become the person to relieve them from the bane of their existence … flies!!  I can bring them in out of the sun, into a cool, fly free barn in the heat of the day.  Then they will love me again!  


In my last blog entry I mentioned I was going to start daily paintings again.  I did as I said– are at least tried to split my time between commissions and a daily painting.  I like how the daily paintings help to keep me fresh.  I will share with you what I painted today. 

I have enjoyed doing more figures.  I enjoy the challenge of anatomy…. I like to direct paint right on to the canvas which is a technique painting wet onto wet oil paint with the ‘drawing’ done with paint right on the canvas.  No tracing or projectors.  I find those very boring.  I like to get right into the paint!  Anyways here is what I did today. 

Let the Ball Begin


We are having an Open House at the art studios this week.  On Friday from 5-9:00 pm the artists of Second April Art Galerie will open their studios and invite you to stop by.  New artwork, new artists, new decorating– very thing is fresh and new!  worth stopping by if you are in the area. 

I will have new equine art as well as other themes.   

Take care,

Sue Steiner


324 Cleveland Ave. NW

Canton, Ohio 44702

in Canton’s arts district

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