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Some New Abstract Dog and Horse Art

Play as Work and Work as Play

I spent the last few months mostly working on memorial commissions and paintings for gifts for Christmas which has very much appreciated.  I have also appreciated the downtime since the holidays to catch up with family and house responsibilities and to — play with my art.  🙂  Play and art can take many forms for me and I have learned over the years to allow this play in my art in order to keep fresh.

I think this idea of keeping fresh is one that would benefit many people.  As adults we forget how to play but play is one of the best stress relievers we have and it is free.

I’m not the only one that feels this way.  Down below is a podcast for NPR on this very subject.

First though I will share with you some of the fruits of my play.  🙂

This is a work in progress abstract horse painting.  

This is just a close up of the 1st layer of the abstract horse painting.  I did this layer in acrylics since it dries fast but then layered the rest with oils– I love how the richness of oil paint and it fits my ‘alla prima’ style of painting.  

I played with some photo editing programs to create some more wooden horse signs using reclaimed barnwood.  The texture of the wood shows thru and gives a nice touch to the photo.  I sometimes add paint or colored pencil to it to liven it up.  

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I also played with some watercolor paper- I usually use these large pieces of watercolor paper to make thank you notes to go in the package when my artwork is shipped but decided to try something else with it.  

This is based on a photo of my Golden Retriever, Molly.  Always at my feet.  She is a sweetie- as are all goldens!  

I played a bit with my gazillion photos of horses and scenery to make these: 


I, of course, continue to take pet portrait commissions.  I am currently working on a lovely bull terrier painting.  This one is a mixed media painting.  If you are curious as to the different mediums I work in please visit art my website’s pet portrait page.  

I have created 3 different slideshows to show the different mediums I offer- oils, watercolor, and mixed media with examples of dogs, cats, and horses I have painted.  

Okay, now recess time!  🙂  For you too!!  


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