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Southwest Horse Art WIP continues

I feel like I cursed myself by not drawing this out beforehand! LOL! See what I get for being impulsive and impatient?? I like digging in and dealing with what comes up rather than holding back. Story of my life! 🙂 I guess as long as I direct it at paintings that will be okay! See why art is good for society???

The legs are still bothering me but I made some big adjustments to the front left and it is starting to feel better. Much of the hind legs will be obscured by tail. The hoof is not visible in my reference so I am needing to imagine how that looks which is always more difficult– especially when it is about anatomy. I am not worrying about that right now. There will be time to nit pick later.

I am thinking about contrasts and the overall composition that needs to be repeated. This painting has a lot of diagonal lines so I wanted to bring in stronger light coming in behind and in front of the head to give that strong diagonal light. The mane and tail will be wisping behind the horse too with the light shining thru. I am getting a better feel for the face– am glad I turned her inward…. am trying to preserve lights right now so there will be interesting shadows on her face.

I want some areas with lost lines so the rump is softened against the background as is the mane and between the ears. I am wanting a strong contrast between the face and the neck/shoulder so that area was deepened.

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Have a good day! Be back soon!

Sue Steiner

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