• Sue Steiner

Southwest Style Horse Art

I love the dusty, earthy colors in this painting. I am considering it 90% done. πŸ™‚ I need a couple days to look it over and decide what else it needs. I really like the coloring on the face although I need to work on the right eye. I am considering doing another painting in this color palette of a closer cropped face since I enjoyed the loose brushstrokes around the face and mane on this one.

Today I met with some of the other artists who have studios in the same gallery I am in. We are working out some promotional types of things we will do as a group. I think one of the things I will be offering during our Open Studio time is horse drawing lessons. I imagine horse crazy little girls but hey there are plenty of people who never grow out of the horse crazy stage. Why does it have to be considered a β€˜stage’ anyways? If you are in Canton and are interested in hearing more drop me a line or stop by Second April Art Gallerie.

I do have to say out of vanity I considered not posting this piece because for some reason (maybe the size and shape of the original canvas??) when I put the image up on the computer it looks out of whack. I am sure that has to do with some kind of distortion from my monitor and the resizing of the image which I do not know how to correct. So with that little disclaimer I am posting this anyways.

For the most part I have not censored what I post. If you’ve followed me for any length of time then you’ve seen the whole range of me β€˜playing’ and throwing paint around to what I think of as more serious work. I think by doing that it helps take away the fear of failing when it comes to painting. I decided when it became clear a few years ago that I was going to want to paint come hell or high water because it feels good to paint. I was not going to let myself get into the position that the end product would become more important than the process. I have heard of too many painters who stop painting because they get locked up from perfectionism or being too self critical. This is my way of countering that. I want to strive to improve and grow and refine my technique but never at the expense that painting is no longer enjoyable.

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Sue Steiner

animal and equine artist

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