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Spirit, Power and Grace

I think of those three words as I paint this magnificent horse!  I haven’t shown a work in progress for quite some time on here so I thought I would share this one.  Its in oils on an 18 x 24 canvas I believe.  Calli is a Canadian Horse- the breed used by the Monties may be a way those of us in the US can relate to.  They are a popular breed and know for their strength but calm tempernment.  Calli is a special horse to her family because she takes very good care of them– and they her! 

I like to do my drawing on the canvas with the wet paint when I can.  In the first couple pics I am just getting the basic shapes in and then you can see I am working on the lights and darks and the beginnings of a background. 

Some of you may have read her about the new fundraising project I am starting called Save A Face.  Things are getting off the ground and starting to gel and move forward.  The mission of this project is for me (and other participating artists) to take the faces of the needy or unwanted animals, paint them and capture that special something in every face.  I’ve got some new listings up on e-bay.  You can go to this link

or search artbysuesteiner2010 to see my current listings.  I’ve got some interesting abstract palette knife paintings up now too.  I probably need to add some nicer photos of the Spring Fields painting– it is one of my favorites but isn’t coming across as well as it could in the photos.  I love living in this rural area — how the fields change in color and texture always intrigue me.  I’ve tried painting more traditional landscapes and they come across bland or boring to me but there is something about the spontaniety and texture you can achieve with the palette knife that seems to be hitting the spot for what I am trying to convey.  Expect more of these in the future. 🙂

The cat was a fun one too.  He’s for sale on e-bay- 9 x 12 oil painting, Silver Tabby.

Happy Trails!  I got up early today to ride before the heat so I am out to the barn!  have a great day! Sue Steiner animal portrait artist

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