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Spirit, Power and Grace II

I’ve enjoyed painting this horse…. I am inching my way to being done.  At this stage I am applying glazes and small details so the changes move along more slowly. 

The glare of wet paint flattens the image. When its completed and dry I will show this again. 

I am a little frustrated today because of scheduling problems and conflicts I am not getting into my studio to paint for the time I need.   I suppose any working mom has this problem but I think since my hours are ‘flexible’ they are the first to flex.  My kids only have another month of summer so I am not wanting to wish that time away but the other problem is that painting is a solitary activity.  I thought of bringing my painting supplies back home again but moving things is so disruptive to the creative process for me I don’t want to do that either.   Time management and schedules are a challenge when I am in my right brain mode….

For once I’d like to see the people who function best in the left brain mode being asked to spend most of their time doing something creative.   It would be fun to switch things up a bit.  They’d be begging for a check list to mark steps off and directions to follow and a manual. They’d want structure and a step by step guide.   When they would be told… its all up to you to create ‘something’ from this pile of raw materials using your imagination they would be lost.   

Hmmmm, that was a fun exercise to imagine.  🙂 

On the horse side of things I have a total of 5 really amazing rescue horses!  All are rideable and are doing well. I am done taking I any more.  I watched Animal Hoarders last night and don’t want to become one!  🙂  Its amazing to me that I got these horses out of a kill pen and I don’t think I could of been as lucky to find such nice horses if I hunted them down!  I’ll share some pics …. some of these are from when they first arrived and others are a bit more recent.

Rhythm, Day One

Darcy, 1st week

Eskie and Splash

Baylie enjoying a roll, Day One

Darcy and Eskie

Splash, 1st week

Bling, Day 1

I was worried about each one for different reasons.  Bling’s feet were short and brittle, Splashes feet were long and he was lame in the front shoulder…. Darcy was depressed and shellshocked for a good 3 weeks… Rhythm had riding issues.  We now think she was an older broodmare.  We joked around that she was out in someone’s field for upteen years, I get her, throw a saddle on her and ride.   That could be the case for all I know!  But amazingly I can take her out on our trails alone.  That is huge for me (and her).   In her case maybe ignorance is bliss. 

The lameness issues resolved and I am getting to know the real horses and it is enjoyable.  We had a bout of strangles and now thats cleared up…. time to just settle in and get weight on the ones who need it and start working and riding everyone! 

…and get my commissions finished…. and get my daughter to college….and take my boys to soccer practise!

With all this whining… I am enjoying life, my work and my kids…. just can’t keep a shedule, thats all! 

Happy Trails!

animal artist

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