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Spring 2018…finally!

Spring 2018…..has arrived! 

Contrary to rumors of the opposite, mother nature and time continue on and spring has arrived!  

It truly has felt like spring would never arrive this year.  The news blasts bad news, the snow, ice, mud and cold rain persist for days on end.  The sun refuses to shine.  In some ways, it is a typical early April in NE Ohio but my does it feel like spring is dragging its heels to get there!

Yesterday my dogs slept ALL day!  They basically ate, pottied and slept all day!  I was so jealous.  

I too wanted to sleep and eat the day away but I pulled myself together and became somewhat productive.  I finished a couple pet portrait commissions and started a new one.  It so happened I had an oil, pastel, and watercolor all going at the same time.  If you have ever been curious about the differences in the art mediums I offer for pet portraits you can read more here.

Oil Painting Horse Portrait by Sue Steiner

Pastel pet portrait by Sue Steiner

The beginnings of a watercolor pet portrait by Sue Steiner. 

So the sun has peeked out today and the temps are in the 40’s rather than 30’s or 20’s.  Yes, it feels wonderful!!  I am ready!  The farrier was out today, I groomed my horses, and am going out again after I do a bit of artwork to groom some more.  My26 yr old Arab mare Abbey has a bit of rain rot in the slight dip she has in her back.  Poor girl!  Snow and moisture accumulate there in the winter, now that she is getting older and her body shape has changed slightly.  I will treat her with a tea tree oil essential oil mixture I make up of just a bit of carrier oil and a few drops of tea tree essential oil and it usually clears it right up.  I love these portable diffusers!  

Essential Oils and Portable diffusers at Corked *

While wondering around on Corked’s web site I was directed to Big Green Box recycling program.  I encourage you to check them out.  They offer a low-cost way to recycle batteries and electronics!  

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