• Sue Steiner


Feeling Blocked?

Up against a wall?  Chomping at the Bit? 

 Feel the 4 walls closing in?

Are You Stalled? 

How to deal with confinement, of the human or equine variety.  

I think we all have experienced the feelings of confinement or inactivity.  Humans may experience it more as an emotional feeling rather than physical.   Horses are built in every fiber of their being to be moving and interacting in a herd.  Maybe us too?  I don’t know.  I tend to be more of a loner, more independant but that may be due to a variety of things.  I work as an artist so my work is solitary- hence why I end up blogging for the social interaction.  

My horses are basically kept outside with access to shelter 99% of the time for 3 reasons.  1.  They are happier.  2. I have a bad back from years of caring for horses so cleaning stalls risks me not being able to work at my other job.  3. I can.  I keep my horses at home and have the space and arrangement to be able to keep them out much of the time.  That said I do have to bring them in sometimes.  Those times usually consist of health reasons for them or to preserve my pasture/ paddock area.  Right now we are in mud season… uh I mean spring.  Its dreary, wet and cloudy today.  Not the best weather for anyone.  So my horses are in, due to mud in the paddock, in spite of living on a hill and good drainage around the barn.  Mud is inevitable when you keep horses.  I suppose to carry on with the comparison, having feeling of being blocked is a natural/ common/ expected emotion for humans.  Either way, they both suck!  

I have had times in my life where I have experienced rather persistant and severe depression.  Depression can feel very much like trying to walk while in deep mud.  You very much feel mired down.  Every step is a supreme effort and to pick out a course of action can feel like climbing Mt. Everest.  Now that really sucks!  I got thru my depression with the help of therapy, prayer, medication (I would never fault someone suffering from depression from trying medication- it can be a lifesaver for some people).  Horses have also been a huge help to me in dealing with anxiety and depression.  Exercise, regular sleep hours and good eating habits go a long way in helping someone feel better but when you are stuck in the mud, sometimes it is just not possible.  That is where horses come in for me.