• Sue Steiner

‘Starting Line Up’

Excuse the glare of wet paint…..

I painted this in honor of my son. He is a freshman and played his first year of soccer on the JV team this year. He was asked to sit with the varsity team during their tournaments which was a bonus for my son. The tournaments are over now but the highlight for us (and my son, I suspect) was when he got to run out on the field, under the lights, while the crowd cheered, as the team was announced. I wanted to make this very dramatic– probably will need to add some more highlights and darks once the paint dries some more and make some adjustments here or there. The idea of this project is to do try to paint as complete a painting as possible in one day. obviously it can’t be packed with details so there lies the challnge– tell the story with efficient brushstrokes, color and values without being overly fussy.

So here is today’s contribution to a ‘Painting a Day’. I had to change that from a Horse Painting a Day when I realized I wanted to paint this! 🙂

This project has been fun. I plan on continuing it for as long as I can– or until I do something else. 🙂 Its been a nice diversion from news, politics, economic markets etc. Last night as I went to sleep I went over in my mind what today’s painting would be. Oh, so much better than worrying about a stock market crash or some other type of disaster we keep being told is going to happen. The media loves to promote fear. I’ve decided everyone needs a little art in their life– in good times and bad because art brings hope, fun, distraction and expression to our lives. I don’t want to promote fear in my life– so my contribution is to bring some color, joy and diversion to yours (and mine) hopefully!

I think tomorrow’s painting will be a wild mustang waiting for a new home. C ya tomorrow!

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