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Tales of Farm Life

As some of you may have gathered I have a farming background. We live on a small 8 acre hobby farm now so I could have room for my horses but my ‘real’ farming days were on our working farm. What I have now is for play! For a number of years we had a certified organic farm with a large market garden, free range chickens, sheep, a herd of Scottish Highlander cattle, dairy goats, farm dogs, my ever expanding herd of horses and barn cats. The activites on the farm evolved over the years until the last couple years we concentrated sorely on horses and producing hay as a riding and boarding stable with 25 stall barn and a riding/training program. From the ‘early years’ on the farm I will be writing a series of ‘Farm Tales’ on Lehman’s blog. I don’t want to dublicate posts so to read what I write there you can follow this link:

The first installment was today’s post “The Social Life of Chickens”.

The watercolor pig painting above was one I did last year or so for Annette Fisher at Happy Trails Farm Santuary in Ravenna. This was for a fund raiser and part of a series of watercolor farm animals. Her web site is at and this pot bellied pig resided at her farm. I believe his name is Zonkers and hopefully by now has a new adoptive home. More of her rescued aniamls are featured in my paintings and murals but I will reserve those stories for another time.

More of my art can be seen at or

I am available for commissioned artwork. When someone commissions an artist they pay them to paint a specific animal, portrait, scene etc. I do this kind of custom art as well as selling prints, which are reproductions of originals I have painted. And I sell orignals. The prints are of good quality and reasonably priced. Pricing of orignal art and commissioned art depends the size, medium and complexity of the art. The price would vary with some of the smaller watercolors as being less expensive and a complicated, detailed large oil painitng being the most expensive. I would be glad to talk to you about options if you have an interest in any of my work.

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