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The Blooming of Boomerang

For background info on Boomerang and to read about her rescue go here:

I am not sure but suspect that with horse’s memory the first thing that comes to them is a traumatic or bad experience and then after that they can remember the good.

I am working with my rescue mare, Boomerang and am watching her bloom as she gets back into good physical condition. At this point what detracts from her physical appearance is just a few tangles on her mane (my laziness!!) and her hooves that are now being trimmed regularly but were brittle and seedy. They have already grown quite a bit of good, strong hoof but the farrier says it may take a full year until they are completely grown in.

Mentally she is blooming as well as I see her interacting more confidently with the herd and approaching me with confidence too. When she first came back she cowered and trembled around the other horses and me. I owned this mare several years ago so I think she came around faster because she had a positive history to remember in her associations with me.

That got me to thinking of how horses process memories. As the saying goes ‘horses don’t forget’. I think that is certainly true. I have another horse who was a rescue who goes thru his own version of flashbacks every spring. The first ride on him is his absolute worst. Usually it is with most horses but this horse will revert to old behaviors until something kicks in and he remembers– oh, yeah… its not like that here!

I like to think art can do this for people. It has that ability to transport us away from stress and tension. I think arts contribution to society is how it can transform — whether it is just a room in your house, your desk at work or a life, a thought or a way of seeing the ordinary things in our world. Remind us of a different way.

This week is July’s First Friday. The overall theme is ‘Chalk the Walk’ as the http://www.artsinstark.com/ people bring in sidewalk artists to use chalk to create artwork on the street. I am participating by making a white horse on a large chalkboard that will be on an easel in front of Second April Art Gallerie. Inside you will find a group of artists, myself included, are bringing in some fine art pastels to go along with the chalk theme. We are calling our event Sidewalk Sidelines.

Inside the gallery and studios you will also find a wide assortment of art– from jewelry to abstract art to fiber art, to pottery to sculptures to painted furniture to pet portraits, to equine art to portraits and figurative paintings, colorful digital photography, graphic arts, wood carving and mural painting are just a few of the different things you can see under one roof. The fun thing is you can see the artists at work, view their studios, talk to them about their work, listen to music, eat food…. see live theatre…. I am sure I am missing something but you get the idea. It is fun and free and the artwork is original and fresh and inspiring. There is also something in all price ranges. So please come and enjoy! 🙂

I am in White Horse Studios on the Second Floor.

Take care! Sue Steiner equine and animal artist commissioned pet portraits

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