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The Bus had one more stop…

A few days ago I used talked about a quote that compared working on a painting to riding a train and that as an artist you have the choice to get off at any stop along the way. I have been working on my daughter’s portrait and just did not know if I had it yet or not… had I gone too far and missed my stop by taking it from a ‘loose’ more expressive painting toward a more realistic rendering and missed the spontaneity and freedom? Or had I left it undone and unfinished looking? Well today I think I found my ‘stop’. I got some new oil paints in the mail the other day and one of them was a transparent orange red oxide which is just what I needed to warm up my daughter’s face. What I had here before was too heavy and when I would go in to warm the skin tone up I was losing my layers so I felt a little stuck. This transparent paint made a very nice light glaze that was what I needed to bring more life to her face. Ahhhh…. I am much happier with this now.

I am ready to move on… I want to do another horse painting and begin work on my son’s portrait. I’ve done a few flowers to fill in the time while I am waiting to begin something more ‘filling’. I will take those to my studio’s Feburary Open Studio since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

I also have on my easle the (mini) horse and rider (driver) portrait I am working on. I am hoping to finish that soon and post it here.

Take care! Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

Painting Faces, Expression and Emotion in Vibrant Color!

equine and animal portraits

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