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The Great End of Winter Groom Fest!

The Great End of Winter Groom Fest!

At Long Last! 

Today was simply delicious!  The temps were in the mid 70’s, breezy, blue sky and just lovely!!  Spring’s arrival seemed to stall out this year so today was very much appreciated by human and animal alike!  

One of my favorite bonding activities with the horses is to groom them.  As they shed, they are itchy, dirty and very appreciative of the extra attention!  We have had a cold, wet spring up until now so they were….a MESS!!  

This past year, I developed asthma for the first time due to aggravated allergies.  I suffered for months so I got officially tested for allergies.  I am allergic to the usual tree pollen, dust, a couple food allergies…..and horses!  Yes.  I mean, NO!!!  But yes, I tested positive to horses.  First I cried, then I thought about it and decided I would learn to manage it.  It has not been too hard actually, compared to the other allergens.  I was unsure if grooming the horses would flare up allergies so I decided to groom them out in the paddock.  I often do it that way because they seem to enjoy my company and they can have a say in whether they want to be groomed or not since they are loose.  They often position their bodies so I get their itchy spots.  

My Chihuahua. Fawn.  

My mudpuppies!  

First, though, I did my dog’s favorite activity and took them for a walk around our pasture.  Even Fawn joined us.  Fawn is my newest dog, a 7 yr. old female chihuahua who came from a puppy mill as a breeder.  She past thru a couple people’s hands and then I got her last winter.  She is a little, tiny, love bug!!

I put Fawn in the house- she is too little to be around the horses and headed to the barn.  I put some grooming supplies in a bucket and went into the paddock to begin grooming.  

The horsehair was flying everywhere!!  The horses loved it and I got covered, head to toe!  Each one, in turn, did some mutual grooming with me too which is always a nice compliment.  They still have gobs of winter coat but our time was well spent.  We bonded.  🙂 

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