• Sue Steiner

The Green Party II, Abstract Horse Art

I am covered in paint and having a great time working on these abstract pieces.  I often am working on pet portraits and commissioned horse paintings so this is a fun change of pace for me.

I wrote an earlier blog post with work in progress pics for The Green Party I, Abstract Horse Painting and had some much fun I dug in my studio and found this 12 x 36 canvas and did this one.

Hope you enjoy watching the progression as much as I have enjoyed painting it!

The progression:

 Here you can see the drawing I started and then abandoned when my client decided she wanted her horses in a different order.  I had ordered two canvases of the same size so put this one off to the side.

 I almost just stopped here.  But didn’t.  🙂  

Love painting with palette knives and thick oil paint!  

When this one is done it will go up for sale on my etsy shop at  https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreeReinArtStudio


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