• Sue Steiner

The Horse You Need vs. The Horse You Want

The Saga of the Horse You Need vs the Horse You Want….. every horse person’s story…..

Every horse person I know has a problem distinguishing the horse they NEED from the horse they WANT.  Not everyone stays confused about their horse needs vs wants but I am pretty sure most, if not all, horse person has struggled with this to a certain extent.

I think of myself as a pretty reasonable person.  Normally my wants and needs are not too terribly far apart. There are only two areas in which I could use some work in distinguishing my wants from my needs.  Art supplies are one such area.  I have just about every kind of art supply you could imagine just in case the inspiration hits and I must create.  I have everything on hand to create a multitude of  things from mosaics (with a collection of broken china, tile, tea cups and colored glass) to every kind of paint and drawing instrument known to man.  When I say I work in multiple mediums I truly do.  So in regards to art supplies the judgement mechanism of wants vs needs is a bit off but I have strategies in place now.   I have banned myself from Pat Catan’s until further notice!  When I get the urge to create I go to my studio and fiddle with what I have already instead of shopping.  My scrapbooking friend who keeps trying to recruit me to be a scrapper is now on notice that she is not allowed to entice me into any more modes of artistic expression!  I knew when I went with her to a scrapbooking store closeout and spent almost $100.00 when I don’t even scrapbook that this is an area where I must be disciplined.  Scrapbooking, in my book, is a deep dark money pit.  Those gadgets and pretty paper call to me but I recognize I do not NEED those things to create.

So let’s take that same process and apply it to horses.  I know its hard to find horses that are trained or capable of performing in all the different ways in which horses are ridden and driven.  This problem creates a dilemma for the horse person.  Just as you can not find one horse in all your favorite coat colors or breeds you must decide on what is most important.  You narrow down your list to the characteristics you most desire in a horse.   You must learn to prioritize and compromise on your wants.  I make mental lists.  This is what I am looking for in my next horse….. blah blah blah.   I need this, this and that.  Simple.  So you begin your search.  Its so fun searching ads for horses, isn’t it?  You know all the right places to go and all the right ways to ‘read between’ the lines to really know what the seller is saying.  Searching is half the fun.  Search and imagining what the horse will be like in your barn.  Ahhh, yes.  The fantasy of horse shopping and the reality of what you buy can be very different.  Horses play an active part in this too because how they act and ride from one person to another can vary greatly because horses are MUCH better at sizing us up than we are at sizing them up as suitable riding partners for us.