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The Mane Thing

Mane and Tail Obsessions

The photo above is of my horse Remmy.  I took this with my cell phone which gave the image a weird distortion of her proportions but I love this photo in spite of that because of her kind eye and that flip of her mane!  

I am going to confess that I am in a mane and tail obsession right now with this horse.  I have been fussing over her mane and tail like crazy lately!  I just came in from the barn and her tail does not have one single tangle or knot in it!  Smooth and silk- as is her mane!!  Her tail touched the ground until I trimmed it a couple days ago.  Her mane is way past her shoulders and is also shiny and tangle free.


My Remmy is a diva for sure!  A pretty, pretty girl– smooth bodied, kind hearted and her coat is coming in like silk!  I love it when their winter coats shed out and their summer coats come in so silky smooth!  Remmy is also so fun to ride.  She has comfortable gaits and is a smart cookie!!  I am having a great time with her.  She is 5 and an off the track ex-harness horse who is just newly under saddle.  I am having a great time training her and loving the progress we are making.  I have ridden her all winter, in all kinds of weather, on the trails and she is great!  We’ve had our challenges — she does not like the white flickering electric tape on one corner of what I call our trotting track when its windy out but we’ve been able to overcome and meet each challenge head on!   Oops, wrong wording!  We did meet our learning to ‘canter’ challenge head on – as in my head on the ground after a very enthusiastic gallop up our hill but I had on my helmet and all is well!  🙂  My advise to you is always wear a helmet!  My fall was funny because I did not suffer any injuries other than a slight concussion, due to my helmet protecting me!  

I am looking forward to lots of long trail rides and possibly some showing or hunter paces this summer with Remmy.   We’ll see.  My favorite thing to do is just ride around the beautiful farmland around my home.  I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful area and value the therapeutic value in having a horse like her that is just the right combination of fun, level headed and challenging.   Each time I ride her I am reminded how to be brave and intentional in what I do.  

Happy trails!




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