• Sue Steiner

The Slower I Go, The Faster I Get There

The Slower I Go, The Faster I Get There….          my motto for the last several weeks.  

My horses teach me so many life lessons.  When I feel overwhelmed and think I can just barrel thru whatever it is before me….my horses remind me that if I proceed slowly, mindfully, carefully…. I will get there faster than charging full speed ahead.

I have had some things happen in my life that just take ~ time~.  Time to heal.  Time to produce. Time to acclimate.  Time to create.  Time to take it in.  Time to rest.  Time to ponder.  Time to observe.  Time to savor.  Time to relate.  Time to arrange.  Time to reset.  Time to change.

I think spring has always felt more overwhelming to me than other seasons.  Maybe this became a habit on the farm.  We planned during the winter.  We waited…and waited for the right weather.  We prepared to plant.  We observed nature.  We went like gangbusters when the time was right.  When the weather or small children or my husband’s work schedule did not cooperate we watched nature proceed on ahead without us.  Spring offers a short window of time to plant.  We watched the earth burst forth with life. We assisted in caring for the new babies on the farm.  We were often awestruck, exhausted, invigorated, discouraged but mostly mud covered and dirty!  The laundry piled up and the mud got tracked in and we had another round the next day and the next and the next until mother nature settled into the lazier days of summer.  Most of all, we learned to live according to the season.

Spring means work!  Summer means growth.  Falls means reaping what we sowed and to prepare.  Winter meant buckling down and burrowing in for the long haul of caring for animals and our own with shorter days, more needs, demands, and obstacles.  

Winter meant waiting for spring.