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Turning a Negative into a Positive

Rhythm, one of my new rescues, has one annoying habit.  Horses are a little like spouses, you can love them but they can have a habit that drives you nuts!  Rhythm is hard to catch.  I can’t blame her… who knows what kind of treatment or handling she’s encountered but I kind of hoped she would know I am a good guy- not a bad guy!   She’s getting better.  It’s kind of funny though.  She walks up to the gate and waits her turn while I bring the horses in.  She’s always last.  When its her turn she waits for me to come to the gate then turns and walks to the furthest part of the pasture.  I then can walk right up to her and bring her in.  The walking is good for me.  🙂 

After I walked the pasture for the upteenth time I decided to make good use of this time and bring the rope reins with me next time.  The last couple times I went to bring Rhythm to the barn I clipped on the rope reins to her halter, brought her over to a fence, hopped on and rode her up to the barn.  So now the further away she walks the longer my ride gets to be.  Now thats how to turn a negative into a positive!

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