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Vet Call

My most recent rescue has the barn name of ‘Darcy’.  I’ve had her for 1 1/2 weeks.  Darcy has been on a whirlwind for the past 3 weeks or so.  As far as I can tell her journey started in Wisconsin when her breeder/owner took her from Wisconsin to Minnesota to a large Quarter Horse Sale.  She sold to a horse broker and ended up one step away from the kill pen of New Holland Auction.  The horse broker sells at the auction and if a private buyer doesn’t step up the horses are bought by a ‘kill broker’ and head up to a Canadian slaughter house.

Darcy came pretty beat up with a gash over her head and lots of marks on her legs.  Thankfully nothing looks serious and she should physically be fine.  You can see from the photos above some of the marks.  This photo was taken by my cell phone right after she came off the trailer.  The hauler brought her to me by way of West Virgina so this poor girl has seen more miles in a trailer than I would want to imagine.

I called the vet because a horse should ‘eat like a horse!’ Darcy has been just slightly off her feed… but she has also been introduced to pasture so she has graving time too.  I wanted the vet to see her to rule out colic or anything serious.  Thankfully again she seems to be okay physically, other than banged up and thin.

I noticed something though as I waited for the vet.  I spent the time waiting just sitting in her stall and watched her delicately nibble at her food.  Horses like to eat with company… my other horses are getting plump with the new grass so I need to keep an eye on them so they don’t get too fat…. and poor Darcy is on the other end of needing a couple hundred pounds.   My other horses were not so patiently waiting for me to get moving and turn them out!!!  They stopped eating hay and were bouncing around anxious to be turned out. What I noticed was Darcy ate better with company– either mine or the other horses.  She has more food so when they run out she stops eating.  What struck me though is how very very sweet and sensitive she is … appreciating my quiet company but having a saddness about her too.  I really just wanted to hug her and make it all better for her and then be like my Italian grandmother and tell her “Eat, Eat!!”. 

Darcy a young horse.  She also is beautiful– very well built and a beautiful mover.  She is my almost adult daughter’s horse and has been getting lots of love and attention.  I feel good that she will not stay depressed…. I am sure her head is still whirling.  The vet saw today she has big cuts under her lip on the gums above her teeth.  Someone used a chain lead shank and put it across that tender part of her to mover her around.  I am getting to know her disposition what I see is a naturally docile and quiet sweetheart.  I am so sad that Darcy was manhandled so much.  I know it shouldn’t be any surprise…. my feelings are if an animal that is trained to carry a rider and is one that is sensitive and bonds with people should not be handled like this.

Darcy spent a beautiful, sunny day on a green pastures with birds singing and a nice breeze.  I know that is healing – for people as well as animals.  So the good news today is nothing serious is going on with Darcy…. and we will just continue to allow her time to adjust and heal.   The vet gave her a couple vitamin shots and she’ll have a new supplement to take.  I also am getting some probiotics for her to stimulate her appetite.

Thanks for reading!

Take care and enjoy the weekend.  We will be having an Open House at our art studio tonight.  The gallery side of the studio has been redecorated and I brought in two new artists.  It looks amazing if I can say so myself.  My working studio is a work in progress… which is as it should be!  I have lots of work ‘in the works’. 

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