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Waiting on Spring

Waiting on Spring

Three days into Spring By the Calendar 

but the weather still says Winter.

I have been a fair weather horsewoman this winter.  I have taken care of my horses, but have not ridden or worked them for months.  It has been a busy winter with a new grandbaby and my art and job keeping me busy.  I am itching to get back into the groove with the horses.  Today, the mud has virtually dried up and I should have been out there but instead doing some much-needed spring cleaning in the barn.  Another day won’t hurt but I miss the good feeling I have after spending time with the horses (besides just doing chores.)

This time of year always seems to bring out feelings of overwhelm in me.  The snow melts and suddenly everything looks dingy, dirty, disorganized….and then the shedding and mud begin.  The house gets dirtier, the yard looks rattier, the barn is messier as my mind wants to skip over this transitional phase into the bright, newness of late April.

Transitions are always tougher than the smooth sailing of a regular routine.  Transitions are inevitable though so there must be something there to learn.  I know horses often give me a very concrete way to see different aspects of life.  In some respect horses can just flow from one phase into another…. but not always.

This time of year I usually have to begin easing into our riding season with some ‘transitional’ exercises to bring their minds back to domesticity!  I like to spend time just grooming and doing groundwork- establish good manners in hand by respecting my space, standing quietly, moving off of pressure and pivoting on their hindquarters and forehand.

I wrote in this blog post (almost a year ago to the day) about the horse’s Spring heebeegeebees! You know, that effect of raging hormones, frisky horses, and way, way too much time off work?

I wrote in the blog post from last year, that I need to remind myself that even if I only have 15 min. a day, that much can be done in that time period so it is always better to put in the 15 min. then to skip it.

Here is a youtube video of a 10 min. Groundwork Routine.

So now we are that much closer to getting back into the groove!

Happy Trails!


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