• Sue Steiner

Weeding, Cultivating and Sowing Seeds in an Artistic Sense

Life continues to take twists and turns and one of the things that spun off into the fringes was this blog.  I am coming back since I am once again gathering up the scatter bits of things I want to cultivate.   I’ve been weeding out what seems to bog me down and looking for sprouts of new growth in the current soil.

some of the things that ground me: my faith volunteer work family my hobby farm and animals

things that refresh me: new ideas experimenting with art horseback riding uncluttering my environment and schedule

things that cause growth challenges obstacles

Over the past year I have become increasingly more involved with an outreach program at my church working with disadvantaged youth in our community.  It is by far the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done besides being a parent.  I realize though I need to balance that out with my own families needs and my artistic nature.  That dang artistic thing seems to but up against every sensible, practical, thing I do!  Being creative is truly a blessing and a curse!  I realize that is just going to be an ongoing theme in my life to figure out how to feed my artistic nature without it overflowing everywhere!

I’ve been having fun with my Save A Face Project on facebook.  Please stop by and join the fun!

These paintings are some that sold recently.  Thank you!

Take care and God bless!

Sue Steiner animal artist

#artisticlife #hobbyfarming #recylcingcrafts



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