• Sue Steiner

What I’ve learned from my horses, dogs and kids.

Lessons I have learned from my horses:

  1. Don’t get in a fight.  Use your head and heart over brute strength, aggression or intimidation. 

  2. The best learning happens at the edge of my comfort zone.

  3. It is okay to just ‘be’.  I don’t always have to be productive or have an agenda.

  4. Exercise, sunlight, fresh air, and horses are good for good for my soul. 

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Lessons I have learned from my dog:

  1. Life is always better when you play and nap. 

  2. Exploring is good for the soul.

  3. Cuddling is the best way to relax. 

  4. Always be loyal to your friends. 

  5. Simple things are the best!  

  6. Going on frequent walks in nature are good for curing lots of ills.

  7. To be a good friend, come when called. 

Summer Fun!  Simple things are the best! 


Lessons I have learned from my kids and grandchildren:

  1. Playtime is a bonding time.

  2. Being silly is a great stress reliever.

  3. Beauty is an inward thing. 

  4. When you think your heart is full, there is always more room to love. 

  5. Giggles, belly laughs, singing and dancing are a necessity! 

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Horse paintings and Pet Portraits

by Sue Steiner

Pet portrait work in progress….

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