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Where to Begin?

 Jasper the Parti-Pom also know as ‘Mr. Bossy’

The Stand-off

Moses is not too thrilled with the newest addition.

I am back after a long absence.  I was using a wordpress blog during that time and have gotten ‘locked’ out from it and no longer can log in.  Groan!!  So, rather than waste more time trying to figure it out and getting no help or advise from wordpress I am back to using this blog.  🙂

There have been lots of changes going on in my life.  Some good and some very difficult but rather than to go over all of that now I am just going to pick up and start posting about art, life, horses and healing and let the story come out in that way.   I seem to need to work things out on an internal, underground kind of way so the more I connect with my art and God while out in nature, the better I do.  I imagine I will post about my process by way of some visual art.  I’ve been in a mixed media mood lately!  Animals of course have always been a huge comfort and distraction for me so that is pretty much a constant theme for me.  I love their honesty.  I posted a couple pics above of the bossy, little furball that keeps me hopping at home.  He sure does like to run the show!  He’s about 7 months old now and quite a character!

Another fascination of mine is Equine-assisted therapy and learning.  I am now certified thru EAGALA as an equine specialist and am working along side a mental health professional facilitating therapy sessions at a local counseling center.   I love this work and so have taken a step back from marketing and selling artwork to just using my art as an expression for healing and for pure enjoyment!   I like this change because I am back to creating what is in my heart to create rather than what is commissioned for me to do in order to pay rent on a studio space.  I miss the art community I was very involved in before but time doesn’t permit for me to straddle both places and keep on top of things.  I have kids at home that lead very busy lives so I find it best right now to work closer to home.  I also have been pretty involved with an outreach program at church for at risk kids.  I will be doing arts and crafts with the teens this summer so am preparing for that too.  I love doing this volunteer work and it is inspiring to see the changes over time in the kids.  That is very rewarding.

I also have been training an off the track 5 yr old standardbred mare I call Remmy.  She came to me in early fall of 2011.  She has been a pleasure and a surprise!  She is my first standardbred and I admit I held some preconceived notions about standardbreds that she has completely dispelled.  She is a beautiful, elegant looking horse with large, kind eyes and a wonderful temperament.  She is athletic and fun.  I am sure I will be writing alot about her.  She has been my therapy!  I am thankful for the people at New Vocations for allowing me to adopt her.

Remmy- in need of some clipping!  🙂 

Thanks for stopping by.  

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