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White Horses in Art and Photography

White Horses 

in Art and Photography 

Horse people tend to like putting horses in categories.  You have heard them.  Who hasn’t heard that  ‘chestnut mares’ are of the devil?  Or Appaloosas are stubborn?  Thoroughbreds are crazy.  Ponies are devious?   That’s so negative!  🙂 As an artist, I must say I like white horses.  I am fortunate enough to have a white (or grey) horse.  One of my favorite things to do (besides paint) is to photograph my horses.  I have an abundance of horse photos.  White horses are fun to paint because you can have lots of fun in the shadows and highlights on their coat.  

It seems white horses have captured people’s attention for quite some time.  

Here a white horse appears in Revelations in the Second Coming.

The Heavenly Warrior Defeats the Beast

 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 

Revelations 19:11

And just for clarification, a definition of white horses.

white horses• All those carved white horses on chalk hillsides.• Small waves becoming longer, fairly frequent white horses.• Moderate waves, taking more pronounced long form; many white horses are formed.• The carousel, its rows of white horses resplendent with red leather saddles and black-painted bridles, was thankfully almost empty.• Aurangzeb and his other brothers, on white horses, are relegated to the picture’s margin.• Consider Cinderella with her glass coach and prancing white horses.• The tumbled surface of the sea looked blue-green, with white horses as far as the eye could see.• El Cid and his wonderful white horses, said the poster.

Some scientific news on white horses:

White horses are less attractive to horseflies.

White Horses in Entertainment:

Lone Ranger and the Problem with White Horses

Taylor Swift rides her own white horse in music video.

White Horses in Travel:

Wiltshire White Horses

Pilgrimage Led by White Horses

White Horses in Literature: 

White Horses by Alice Hoffman


White Horses, Our mission.

White Horses in Music 

Some of my own White Horses Photography 

 My white horse in an oil painting.

Happy Trails!

Sue Steiner

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