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A custom painting of your pet or horse from your photos; full body or head and shoulders; abstract or impressionistic background

18 x 24 Custom Oil Painting

SKU: oil18x24
$195.00 Regular Price
$165.75Sale Price
  • Get on eye level - raise pet up on furntiture or get on floor level. 
  • Relaxed or playful expression is best if possible - want to stay away from an expression that may look anxious or submissive 
  • Natural Light is best!!  No flash!  
  • Have as much of the pet's face fill the camera frame as possible or take a full body shot at a large file size.  This preserves the details of their features and allows me to paint a more realistic, likeness!  
  • Take LOTS of photos.  Since you can send digital photos to me take many.  
  • Have someone help to occupy the animals attention while you take the photo.  
  • Horses- outside lighting is best.  Most stall/barn photos are too dim and blurry to get a good likeness.  If you want a head view don't take grazing photos.  :)  Have someone help held the horse.  I can work with ears that aren't just where you want them.  
  • Large sized digital files are wonderful!!  Do not compress photos.  
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