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Animal and Horse Artist, Sue Steiner

Horse artist Sue Steiner and her horse

I love to play with paint.  I find art to be so freeing and invigorating and want that to come across to you.  I am self-taught and a 'later in life' artist and so I treasure this gift that was plopped down on me several years ago.  I have always loved animals- horses in particular.  I find faces fascinating so portraits are my main focus.  People tell me my art is lively and dynamic.  I like celebrating the life, energy, and expression in my subjects and am thrilled when people can connect to those emotions when viewing my art.   

Creating is an outlet and necessity for me.  I have to create so this web site comes from the overflow of that need.  Creating is a very emotional process.   When I paint I tap into this life energy that I can only describe as prayer in motion.   When I create it has to be fun and it has to come from my heart - my muse is fed with color, bold brushstrokes, earthy raw materials and experimenting with different mediums.  


I choose Free Rein Art Studioas my name because that pretty much sums up what my art requires from me.  I have to give it free rein to let it go as it will!  Many of these pieces here are painted in a style referred to as 'alla prima' which means 'painted wet (oil paint) on to wet' in one sitting rather than in multiple layers allowed to dry in between stages. This allows me to be completely 'in the flow' which is what happens when a person is completely immersed in an activity.  To me, the paintings stay fresh and lively this way.  


I accept commissions for custom artwork.   I work best when I can talk with you and get a feel for the horse or pet's personality, your color and size preference, look at your reference photos and then let it flow!  I require a deposit that basically covers materials with the remaining balance due upon your final approval and prior to shipping.  


For information on how to order a commission click the dog painting images below.   





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