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My horses, dogs and cats. 


Horses have been a lifelong fascination for me.  I know that would not come as a surprise if you've gotten this far into my web site! I thought I would share with you some pictures of my horses and pets. I find it very rewarding to be able to paint your pets and horses, knowing how much they mean to you.  They bring so much joy to my life.  



















I own 2 mares, 1 gelding as far as full-sized horses go.  I also own an oversized mini mare (for the grandkids)  a senior chihuahua and a chiweenie!  I also have 2 formally feral barn kitties that are now my cuddle bugs!   My mares are a chestnut Arabian, Abbey, who I've owned since birth.  She is now 29 yrs. old and doing great!  She is kind and smart and quirky and I love her!  She is more or less retired- not due to lameness or arthritis, but mainly because I can't keep 3 horses ridden and exercised so she gets to be a pasture potato.  :)
















Two of my riding horses are TWH.  The mare is a stocky, sweet, grey sabino.  She's the first to meet you in the pasture.  My favorite activity is to ride trails.  Besides painting and spending time with my family, I enjoy trail riding most of all!  




















My gelding is that big (16.1 hands) gorgeous creature with unusual coloring (pictured below).  He was called a strawberry roan when I bought him but he is not as 'red' as what I would imagine a strawberry roan to be and I have since decided he is a liver chestnut roan.   He also has sabino-type markings.  He kind of glimmers a silvery tone.  He is gorgeous and a fun, fun trail horse.  He is smooth and sensitive and likes to go!  I bought him in January 2015 and he has given me some wonderful trail rides which I think he enjoys as much as I do.  My grey mare is trail-ridden by my daughter and am so thankful for these two awesome trail horses!  


























strawberry roan tennesse walker gelding
chestnut arabian mare
grey horse in pasture
horses grazing in pasture
horse farm in morning mist
horse farm.jpg
pony in harness.jpg
friendly white horse in pasture
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