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and the Clouds Part and the Sun Shines!

and the Clouds Part and the Sun Shines!

I was an unbeliever but I have seen with my own eyes!  Spring is here.  The Sun still shines.


I am sorry Spring if I spread rumors of you abandoning us in the last blog post.  I apologize for speaking badly of you.  I want you to know I DO appreciate you….very much!  My heart flutters and my steps quicken when I even THINK of you!  I look for signs of your arrival when you are gone. I get restless and can’t concentrate when I know you are close.  I do silly things and spend way too much time staring at you when you are here.  My mind races with plans and activities when think of you being here.  I guess the long wait and the teasing of your arrival only to be let down with false hope really got to me this time.  You know how I feel about Winter.  We don’t often see eye to eye.  In all honesty, I could do without.  I know you tell me Winter just makes your arrival all that much sweeter….and yes, that is true.  I just wish we could have less time with Winter and more time with you.  Please??  


Here are some photos from today.  Hope you enjoy!  

Mud, mud everywhere!

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