• Sue Steiner

Animal and EquineThemed Gifts and T-shirts

I know everyone gets bombarded by ads so I tenatively point out a couple links on this page so people know what is available. So many times I think I am being obnoxious in marketing my art only to find out there are still people I regularly meet, see, live by who don’t know I am an artist! How can this be? Do they not see the paint all over my clothes and hands or the far away look in my eye when the lighting is just so?? Or my camera that is constantly with me and often making me late?? So I point out the pet portraits, horse and animal gifts and t-shirts and print options in the right side bar on this page to remind people I am a working artist! 🙂 Plus it helps to support my painting habit so I can buy art supplies!

I didn’t get to paint today so I am having withdrawal! I had a nasty migraine and had to deal with service men but still managed to dream about painting whe I layed down to try to get rid of my headache. LOL! Headaches gone, I feel much better and I feel inspired. 🙂 See what art can do?

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© Copyright 2023. No animals were harmed in the making

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