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Buggy Horse Portrait ‘Work in Progress’

I am working on a watercolor/mixed media piece of a buggy horse portrait. I am using this painting as a way to ease back into watercolor. Prior to the murals I did most of my work in watercolor but murals need to be painted in acrylics so the whole feel is different from one art medium to another. There is a transition going back and forth between the different mediums but I enjoy mixing up what I do because I think each medium has its strengths and weaknesses and brings something to the next piece. So bear with me as I get my watercolor wings back and I’ll even let you in on the process!

I am beginning a big collage/mixed media art project for my church for the Advent season which I will share here after I am done. I don’t want to spoil the surprise because its going to have a surprise ending!

My ‘works in progress’ pics may be spotty until I get that work done which I am aiming to finish by Dec. 1. After that I plan on using this blog to share new work as I am painting it. In the past I have done this and had people really enjoy watching the paintings unfold. Very often when I am starting a piece I don’t even know where it will lead but thats part of the creative process and what makes this interesting. Its like taking a leap of faith and seeing where it leads you. So I am inviting you to leap and bounce back and forth between different subjects and agendas here on this blog as I mix things up!

For those of you watching the Buggy Barn Murals at Lehman’s I will be back in the buggy barn after I get some big projects out of the way. This church project is one and I have a couple other commissions I am working on. I also have been accepted into an art gallery located in the arts district of Columbus so I will be working on a piece for a Feburary show. My plan is to get those big projects out of the way and then get back in the Buggy Barn. I’ll write more about the gallery exhibit and the piece I am entering later but for now I am relaxing with my buggy horse watercolor! Hopefully I can finish it up in the next day or so.

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