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Canton Art Studio

Studio 222 in the Annex above Second April Art Gallerie

Art by Sue Steiner

We had November’s First Friday last night in Canton. I had just completed painting the walls in my studio so I am still working on finding spaces for everything. I want to put up some shelves for my mini paintings, notecards etc. and also a special spot for the ‘daily paintings’ from this blog. I also find an area in which I can show completed commissions and ‘work in progress’ pics of commissions is helpful.

This month and next is a very busy one at the gallerie and art community with Shop Hops scheduled most every weekend. Its fun to be part of this energy and enthusiasm. Last night the lively music from downstairs floated up thru the halls of the annex. Since the music this month was from a marching band I felt I was at a football game! The band marched down the street so it was very much like a parade. The crowds were enjoying themselves and its just an all around fun place to be.

Some of the things I plan on continuing or expanding on:

The drawing for a daily painting. I would like to continue that each month since it draws attention to the daily paintings and it reinforces in me why I am doing this exercise. I think they are a great learning tool and a way to challenge myself to grow as an artist. I think the same principles of breaking out of old patterns and challenging yourself can be applied in other areas of life. Art reflects life after all! I am including the people who responded from this blog in the drawing and like that idea too. I don’t want those of you following me in cyber space to feel left out! You are my inspirational fuel from First Friday to First Friday! If I know your watching I feel more inclinded to keep this up so thank you for your participation.

More education as far as commissions. I think this will be very helpful. It will help me so that I can communicate in words what usually comes to me visually and help people make decisions as far as art mediums and time frame expectations. I enjoy hearing about people’s pets and horses and as we all know they play an important role in our lives. I feel honored when people choose me to commemorate their pets or loved ones.

Its a small space so I have to be efficent and ‘clean’. I hate visual clutter and that is hard to avoid in a tight spot. Well now I have a game plan so I guess I need to get to work…..

Stayed tuned for the announcement on Monday for the daily painting drawing!

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