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Cocker Spaniel Duo Starts to Come Together

Cocker Spaniels, Oil Painting WIP

Slowly but surely I am getting closer to completion on this pet portrait.  The plan is to use the finished painting as a template for personalized Christmas cards for the pet owners.  I want to wrap this up this week.  Actually I wanted to wrap it up last week but am glad since I had such a good painting session today I didn’t fret over time and try to rush thru it.

The coloring on these dogs is really fun to work with.  Today was a good painting session because I could meld the two dogs by harmonizing their colors.  I enjoyed seeing that come together.  The dog on the right at this point looks like her eyes are way off but one of her unique facial characteristics is wide spaced eyes.  I am trying to think of complimentary words to describe them besides ‘googly’ and I can’t right now but trust me– she is a beautiful dog and her unique expression only adds to her charm.  Granted I am still working on that part of the painting so you’ll just have to check back to see how it looks in the end.  🙂

I am posting some photos from my week end trip.  I visited my sister in law and we were blessed with a beautiful day.  She lives in a beautiful wooded setting so I took a walk and took these photos.  I am certain her animals will appear in future paintings of mine. 

Take care!

Sue Steiner

equine and animal artist

pet and horse portraits in oil

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