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DIY Broken Glass Mosaic II

Another Broken Glass Mosaic to show….

Poor Man’s Stained Glass DIY

I just finished making this today… needs to dry and when it does the Mod Podge & adhesive will be clear.  I like to hang them in the window so the light can shine thru.  They are really pretty and fun to make.  I used materials found at the thrift store for a total cost of  $4.50 (minus the frame and adhesive which I already had).  I have glass left over to make more.

Something I did different this time then the first DIY you can see here: http://amulti-coloredlife.blogspot.com/2016/07/poor-mans-stain-glass-art-aka-broken_19.html are below.

  1. When I broke the glass in the wrapped towel, I sprinkled the glass shards on the pieces already on the glass base and frame.  Be careful, obviously.  You don’t want to walk on those glass shards!!  I use an old towel and shake it over a large trash can afterwards.  

I was really excited this time too because I LOVED the color combination I found.  There is some glass in there also that doesn’t show up but will when this piece dries that is iridescent and had the gold and purple highlights.

I also love the thicker glass bottoms- I have a gold square and a round, purple edged piece in here that I think will look really cool when dried.  I make sure to layer smaller colored pieces under the big glass pieces too.  I anchor the big pieces with the heavy duty adhesive E6000 as I am laying them down in the frame.  When this all dries I will go back and check to look for any loose pieces and add more adhesive as needed.

 Heavy Duty Adhesive 

Mod Podge layer

 Using a bristle brush to apply Mod Podge… I like the brush strokes when it dries.  

 My thrift store finds! 

The little candy dishes I didn’t use but will on the next one.  I liked them because using clear pieces with different designs and textures look really nice and refract the light differently then smooth glass. 

Before I broke the glass pieces. 

Have fun!  If you make your own I’d love you to come back and share in the comments!

Sue Steiner

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