• Sue Steiner

heading home

One of my favorite farms in the area is what I call an ‘Old McDonald’s’ farm. They have a little bit of everything. There is a little spring fed pond with a small flock of geese, a splattering of chickens roaming around the barn, a milk cow, a beautifully cared for garden plot, a pretty old bank barn and my favorite of the favorites– an old team of Belgian Horses. The couple that live there are elderly and I am always amazed at how well their place and animals are cared for. I have always been a firm believer in how a lifestyle rooted in the earthy things of digging in the soil to plant your garden, caring for your family and your animals, being outside and in tune with the seasons, is a healthy lifestyle. This couple have my respect and admiration for the care and effort they put into the daily tasks I know are needed on their little piece of land to keep it looking like it does. I know from the stooped bodies it takes some doing to get moving in the morning but imagine them just putting one foot in front of the other to get started and doing what they’ve always done! I know being active and a part of the rhythm of life has been good for them too and has contributed to a full life.

I painted this watercolor a couple years ago after watching the owner bringing his team home after plowing up a small plot of ground in the spring. Everyone has a few years on them but you can see the bond and partnership between all from years of working together as a team. Slow and steady gets the job done!

The other day I noticed the pasture in which the horses are turned out had only one horse. The lone horse looked out of place without his buddy and my heart sank a little as I realized why he might be by himself.

Yesterday I was reminded again how we are only here for a time. I saw my neighbor with his horse pulling the buggy as a singleton rather than a team. Life marches on but some things are changed that can leave a hole. I felt this team’s loss as they headed for home traveling in a configuration I am sure feels like something is missing.

I take this as a reminder to myself to put one foot in front of the other too as I chip away at my everyday life- to enjoy the season in life I am in and to know the slow and steady everyday tasks are weaving the fabric of life in my home and my little peice of earth.

Thanks for stopping by!

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