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Horse Hugs

Ricco’s first day in the big pasture, June 08

I got the nicest compliment from my soon to be weanling today.

I brought my small herd of horses off the pasture the other day because the grass is getting richer with the fall flush and also because I want to gradually work toward weaning my baby colt.

Ricco and my mare, Royal were waiting for their breakfast. I went out to our paddocks to feed the horses and haltered and seperated out the baby so he could eat his grain by himself. Our jack russel terrier, Jack, loves to ‘play’ with the horses and saw Ricco being fed as an opportunity to harass him awhile from his momma. I had Ricco on a lead and did some ‘growling’ in the direction of Jack, hoping he’d get the hint to leave the colt alone. He didn’t because he’s Jack but we had moments in which the dog would back away and I reassured Ricco all was safe while he was with me.

Ricco finished his grain so I turned him loose back with the mare. Jack’s interest in stirring up trouble was renewed as he found he could chase the horses in the small paddock and be an irritation. Ricco pranced a few paces and then trotted over— away from the mare— to stand by ME to protect him from the mean (10 lb.) dog! What an honor!! He stood quietly right by my side so I scratched his withers as he ‘groomed’ my shoulders, I think, as a way to say ‘thanks’. Isn’t that cool?? 🙂

Ricco is being featured in my most recent equine mural at Lehman’s in Kidron, Ohio. Most Thursdays between now and the first of the year I will be doing painting demos in Lehman’s Amish Buggy Barn and selling equine and farm animal art. To see more of my work or to commission me for a horse or pet portrait stop by the store or my web site at

I will be posting ‘work in progress’ pics of my mural here and on my other blog

Thanks for stopping by!

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