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Play Day….

I had every intention of sitting down to my easle to work on a commission. Instead I prepared panels (yuck) and then painted this abstract carousel horse. Its painted using thick paint so in real life there is all this layering adn texture that adds to the drama… or so I am hoping! 🙂 This is fairly big 24 by 30 maybe … on gallery warp canvas.

One advantage to having a studio (in the Canton arts district) … I now have a place to put the non-commission art like this! Aug’s First Friday is just around the corner so new work is always a good thing so the regulars to these events get to see something different.

I do think I need to reserve Mondays for playing from now on… I am sure I am not alone in struggle to get focused on Mondays– maybe if I didn’t fight it and just expected it……

To see more animal art go to or follow my blog here. 🙂

horse and animal painter

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