• Sue Steiner

The Lamp Room

One of my favorite rooms at Lehman’s is the Lamp Room. My favorite time of the day in the lamp room is the morning and this is why. I love the light, shadows, colors and shapes of the sun coming thru the windows and the glass lamps casting all this scene! Its almost like looking thru a jeweled kalidoscope.

I could have lots of fun with those interesting colors and shadows in one of my watercolor paintings. You know the way you can let the colors mingle but not really mix in a watercolor? I imagine them as a kind of dance as they approach each other, touching but then to swirl around the paper instead of blending. Thats what is fun about watercolor– watercolor can have a mind of its own and its best not to be too forceful with what YOU think should happen. Instead, suggest which way you’d like things to go! Watercolors need to be coaxed and coddled. Some of the best effects when painting (and maybe life??) are the ones that just happen. Can you tell I am missing my watercolors?

My fall and early winter is so packed full but I am looking longingly to those snowy, winter days I posted about earlier! Why do we always think we’ll have more time later? Maybe time equates with hope??? How would you hope to spend your time?

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