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Updates… trying to finish up a few things…

I am afraid I won’t be done in with my portrait to meet the deadline for an art exhibit I wanted to submit this to. I suppose the good news is I have commissions I am working on. The bad news is that I wanted to have new work for this show. Well there are always other art shows. Regardless it was a good experience since I am wanting to do more portrait/figurative work.

I also was happier with this painting before I had this painting session. Trying to rush just doesn’t work with this kind of stuff. I am sure anyone who does creative work is also familiar with the times when things just flow and click and then the other times were it doesn’t. I am learning how to manage working at home (with kids and interruptions) or at my studio (where I invariably forget supplies) and meet deadlines. Some days it is better than others. I think the most difficult thing is that in order to paint I need to be alone and quiet… not always so easy to do and still feel accessible to family.

I’ve got two animal portraits on my easel too that I will show on this blog another day. Ready for a day of painting… in between car pooling, kids friends, car repairs….. hmmmm what else?

Tomorrow is Open Studios at Second April Art Galerie. A group of artists who have studios on the second floor of the gallery are opening up their spaces, working and inviting people to stop by. It is turning into a really fun thing to do. If you are local consider stopping by sometime. 🙂

Take care,

Sue Steiner

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