• Sue Steiner

weaning snafoo….

Well my attempts to wean Ricco were delayed when the little bugger figured out how to nurse through the fence! Not to worry, we can do this. And hopefully with as little pain and crying as possible. I am talking about MY pain and tears now. To be honest Ricco and Royal looked so darn cute I caved in and decided we can tackle this another time. He’s just now 4 months so its not urgent that he be weaned yet. Royal’s been such a good momma my dilemma is different this time than it was with my other mare and foals. My other broodmare was NOT so accommodating to her babies. She was ready to be done with nursing before weaning time came around. When I finally separated them she went on her merry way without a backward glance!

I have appreciated the sweet nature I see in Ricco and am thinking Royal’s nice calm presence has something to do with that. I imprinted Ricco also so that is also a positive contributing factor. It doesn’t help either that he is so darn cute. He looks at me with those big brown eyes with eyelashes out to here and I melt!

A good horsewoman must be strong though and perservere in times tough times! I am to be the alpha mare, the leader of the herd and not cave in to the batting of eyelashes and sweet little nickers!

I am heading to the barn to enjoy this beautiful weather and do a little riding. This weather is a gift since soon we will have our typical Ohio winter weather to deal with. I want to savor this while I can! I will brace myself for the inevitable, unpleasantries in life like winter in Ohio and separating of mommas and babies.

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