• Sue Steiner

Weaning time…

Ricco at 1 week

I have been seperating mare and colt for short periods of time and am so pleased with what a luv bug Ricco is!! But the time has come to get more serious about weaning. With the way my barn, pasture and paddocks are set up I can’t do the complete, out of sight, weaning where the mare and foal are removed from sight and hearing of each other. It will have to be the side by side, across the fence method. Ricco is eating well, my mare looks good and the weather will be warm tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about Ricco getting chilled if he gets warm from walking the fence…. oh, this is the not so fun part of raising a colt! Well actually there WILL be one more not so pleasant, necessary procedure in his very near future when he becomes a gelding. Oh boy. We won’t think about that just yet. But soon. 🙂

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