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Welcome to the World of Horses!

Welcome to the World of Horses!

  I can’t recall when my fascination with anything equine began but am quite certain it was very early in life in spite of being born into a non-horse-y family.  As a very young girl, my dad ‘rented’ a pony for us from someone at work who was in a tight spot financially.  Now I know that’s called leasing.   As if leasing and renting have such different meanings, right?   🙂  As I got a bit more involved in the horse world, I began to learn the lingo and know now that many words have quite different meanings when spoken in the context of horses.  I mean there are not actually green horses but horses certainly can be green.  Truth is there are blue horses, horses with points, lines or bars.   And one must know when to call a spotted horse spotted and when to call it paint instead of a pinto.  And to know when a horse is a leopard or snowflake, dappled or grey but please don’t mistake for a roan. 

Another quite important milestone into the horse world is when one can accurately discern between a horse being off vs lame or pulling up instead of being gimpy, tender, ouchy, dragging, nodding or hitching.   Horses that are off can also be cold-backed, travel with a hump in their back. They can also be cinchy, girthy, mareish or grumpy.  (Sounds like the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs)

When you progress to riding your beloved horse, then another vocabulary is learned.  Your horse’s movement may (but hopefully not too much) consist of a bolt, balk, shy, jig, jog, prance or spook. 

A lesson in equine anatomy is helpful too which you will need to learn from the poll to the chestnut down to the frog and around the withers back to the hock. 

Hope this all didn’t put you in a tizzy!  If you want to practice I have a link to flashcards and quizzes to help you along!   

Happy Trails! 


If you or someone you know may be interested in a pet portrait or horse painting please tell them about me!  You can see my work at http://www.horseartonline.com  or at my Etsy Shop.

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